“Our Malady: Lessons in Liberty from a Hospital Diary,” with Professor Timothy Snyder, Yale University

Timothy Snyder photo and book cover: Our Malady: Lessons in Liberty from a Hospital Diary
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Monday, September 28, 2020 - 11:30am to 12:30pm
Online: Virtual Event on Zoom See map
Event description: 

The Yale Jackson Institute for Global Affairs will host an online discussion with historian and author Timothy Snyder about his new book, Our Malady: Lessons in Liberty from a Hospital Diary.  Snyder is the Richard C. Levin Professor of History and Global Affairs at Yale.

Dwayne Betts, poet and lawyer, will join the conversation.  Jackson Institute director Jim Levinsohn will moderate.

Our Malady is an impassioned condemnation of America’s coronavirus response and an urgent call to rethink health and freedom. In the book, Snyder traces the societal forces that led us here and outlines the lessons we must learn to survive. In examining some of the darkest moments of recent history and of his own life, Snyder finds glimmers of hope and principles that could lead us out of our current malaise. Only by enshrining healthcare as a human right, elevating the authority of doctors and medical knowledge, and planning for our children’s future can we create an America where everyone is truly free. Learn more about the book at this link.

The event is open to the public, but advance registration is required.