COVID-19 Insights & Research

The social sciences at Yale make significant contributions to academic discourse, participate in public debate, and engage with policymakers.

Yale social scientists are actively engaged in research and policy work to combat COVID-19 and this is a gateway to these efforts.

“The pandemic is devastating. But crisis also spurs innovation, and I am confident we will see many important lines of social science research emerge at Yale in the coming months.”
- Alan Gerber, FAS Dean of Social Science and Director of ISPS

COVID-19 Featured Research

New report finds no evidence that the enhanced jobless benefits in response to the COVID-19 pandemic reduced employment
The study, published by the Tobin Center for Economic Policy, assessed the concern that the unemployment benefits initiated under the CARES Act would disincentivize work. The researchers assessed this claim using weekly data from Homebase.

Yale Labor Survey tracks U.S. labor markets in real time
The Yale Labor Survey (YLS) uses online panels of respondents to provide rapid and inexpensive information on employment, unemployment, and other labor-market measures. Led by Nobel Prize-winning Yale economist William Nordhaus.



Yale social science faculty and graduate students are making important contributions to our understanding of the economic, political, and cultural impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Their research and insights are highlighted here.


Sources of funding for social science research into the COVID-19 pandemic are coming available. Please visit this webpage frequently for regularly updated funding opportunities and information.


Covidestim is a “nowcasting” statistical model developed by epidemiologists at Yale and Harvard that shows in real-time the latest COVID-19 levels county by county throughout the U.S.

 Mapping the New Politics of Care, developed at Yale and Columbia, displays the COVID-19 vaccine distribution strategy of each county of each state.

The Atlantic’s COVID Tracking Project will soon come to an end.